Project Management

Each project is important

We approach each project, even the smallest one, with care and involvement. For us, the key to success is the appropriate management of tasks during the implementation of projects of machine and device construction. For this purpose, we created a separate department of project management, which comprises of engineers experienced in construction and manufacture of machines. Having appropriate tools for planning and tracking tasks, we are able to precisely control projects and respond quickly in case of unexpected changes.

  • GANTT chart


    The process of producing our machines usually begins with creating a timetable which is usually presented in the form of a Gantt chart. On this stage all tasks relevant to the project are determined, often broken down into logical units (e.g. stations in assembly line or stations included in automate assembly centre). Each task will be assigned a start date and its duration and logical associations, in order to avoid a situation where some tasks are started too early.

    Each task is also assigned with appropriate resources – these usually are individuals who directly perform the task or individuals who are responsible for supervising a subordinate team.

    Every progress in work with the project is regularly reflected in the timetable. Outdated data is automatically highlighted which successfully signals the need to update data by individuals responsible for supervision. Additionally, the timetable can be made available on-line to the Contractor, so that they can check the status of their order at any point or even post comments.


Working with a timetable is very important, however, it will not replace the contact with our Contractor. Employees of project management department are in a constant contact with Client in order to acquire necessary date in a timely manner, but also to answer any queries and provide explanation to open issues. In this case, another tool proves to be very successful – Open Issue List, which enables smooth information exchange with individuals leading the project on the Client’s end.