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Content of the online presentation

The authors assume no liability for the relevance, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Any claim for the authors’ liability relating to any material or immaterial damage resulting from the use or non-use of the information provided or the use of incorrect and/or incomplete information have been excluded in principal, unless the authors’ intent or negligence is proven. All our quotations are without engagement and not binding. The authors reserve the expressive right to alter, amend, delete parts of the pages or the entire website or to discontinue its publication temporarily or definitely without special notice.

Reference and Links

In case of direct or indirect references to third-party websites („hyperlinks“), which are outside of the authors’ scope of responsibility an exclusion of liability would come into force, had the authors a knowledge of the contents and would have had the technical and reasonable ability to prevent its use in the case of illegal contents.

The authors hereby declare expressly that no illegal contents were apparent on the sites to be linked at the time of setting the link. The authors have no influence on the current and/or future design of the contents or the authorship of the linked/interlinked sites. This is why they hereby disassociate themselves expressly from all contents of all linked/interlinked sites, which were altered after the time of setting the link. This statement applies to all links and references within of the proprietary web presentation plus for third-party entries the authors may have installed in guest books, discussion symposia and/or mailing lists. The provider of the site reference has been made to shall be the only one liable for any illegal, incorrect and/or incomplete content and in particular for damage resulting from the use or non-use of such information.  It is not the one who makes just reference to the respective publication by way of links.

Copyright and marking right

The authors make their best efforts to observe the copyrights of the illustrations, sound recordings, video sequences and texts used in all their publications, to use illustrations, sound recordings, video sequences and texts they have prepared themselves or to fall back on illustrations, sound recordings, video sequences and texts, which require no license.All brands and trademarks mentioned within the frame of the web presentation and possibly protected by third parties are subject, and this without limitation, to the provisions of the applicable marking right effective at the time and the rights of possession of the respective proprietor who has been registered. From the mere mentioning no conclusion must be reached that the trademark would not be protected by third parties!The authors of the sites reserve any and all copyright on the published objects they have prepared themselves. Any duplication or use of such illustrations, sound recordings, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications requires the authors’ expressive prior approval in writing.

Data protection

Inasmuch as the option has been provided within the web presentation to enter personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names, postal addresses) the disclosure of such data by the user will be expressly on a voluntary basis. The utilization of and payment for all services offered has been allowed – to the extent technically feasible and reasonable – also without specifying such data or by using anonymous data or a pseudonym. The use of contact data like postal addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers published within the frame of the authors section or comparable information plus e-mail addresses from third parties has been prohibited for the mailing of any information, which has not been requested expressly. We expressly reserve legal action against the senders of so-called spam mails infringing upon this prohibition.

Legal effect of this exclusion of liability

This exclusion of liability shall be considered a part of the web presentation making reference to this site. Should parts or the individual wording of this text not or no longer or not completely comply with the current legal position the remaining parts of the document, nevertheless, shall remain unaffected thereby in both their content and validity.

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