Who we are

We operate in the machine construction industry. We deliver modern production automating systems, assembly equipment and special machines for demanding clients from all around the world.



DIKO Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG, a family-owned enterprise, was founded in Lüdenscheid, Germany. Operating in the prototype machine construction industry, it soon started supplying assembly and production systems as well as other specialist machinery in the local market.


DIKO Polska – Automatyka Przemysłowa Sp. z o.o. emerged in Poland at the turn of 2001 and 2002. Being the subsidiary of the German company, it concentrated on serving existing clients in Poland and winning new business partners.

at present

Presently, having a modern facility on the outskirts of Wrocław and employing more than 60 employees, the enterprise provides tailor-made assembly systems, production systems and other specialist equipment.


DIKO Polska serves clients internationally. Relying on a large group of our specialists, we provide our clients with the best possible solutions. The enterprise is organised in the following way:

Sales and customer service

Project management

Logistics and supplies

Development department
– mechanical structure

Designing department
for automatics and programming/strong

CNC/NC mechanical
treatment department

Mechanical, electrical,
pneumatic assembly and
servicing department

Quality control department

We construct machines with our Clients’ requirements in mind and on the basis of our long-lasting experience. Thanks to this combination, we can meet expectations of the most demanding partners. We know how important it is to automate particular processes with a view to raising production efficiency, and this is why we design top-class assembly machines tailored for autonomous operation. There is obviously more we can offer. DIKO also provides the following:

  • semi-automatic assembly stands that allow shortening the machine operator’s working time, assuring proper safety.
  • automatic or semi-automatic production lines for integration of particular devices into one process and creation of new communication links, which is also one of the key elements of production automation,
  • control and measuring stations – responsible for a fully automatic quality check of the finished product,
  • manual assembly tools,
  • machine modernisation and reconstruction services.



Our goal is to provide business partners with comprehensive solutions related to assembly automation and check.

  • Comprehensive support (starting from assembly concepts, through delivery of relevant equipment, and ending up with after-sale service)
  • The task of our devices is to be efficient and therefore satisfy and bring profits to their users
Case-by-case approach


DIKO manufactures parts for its products mostly on its own. We have our own machinery park that primarily rests on the following:


Multi-axis milling machining centres

These are DIKO’s most important machines. They are functional, extremely precise, and efficient enough to allow producing complex elements from one piece of metal or plastic. Programming itself may prove to be very simple too as it is possible to import the element geometry from CAD/CAM.


Universal conventional milling machines

We use conventional milling machines for shaping and spacial processing of uncomplicated elements. Thanks to precise drives, they guarantee the same quality as machining centres, yet remain more accessible. In most cases they use the same tools as the aforesaid centres.


Universal conventional lathes

They expand our production department to include axially symmetrical element manufacture. Often, modern mechanical design allows using efficient tools whereas advanced control is a guarantee of high precision.


Surface and cylindrical grinders

These machines are primarily used for finishing the previously produced and heat-treated elements.


Other machines and auxiliary equipment

Aside from main machining equipment, we use a vast array of auxiliary devices. They are not only used to prepare the material for actual treatment but also they give finished elements a finishing touch.


Measuring instruments

An integral part of the modern production, required by the quality management system, is the quality control. For this reason our production department is equipped with a series of setting and measuring instruments. This is the only way we can assure top quality.

Support for every industry

DIKO’s clients are usually leading component and subassembly manufacturers that operate in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Plastic component production
  • Metal component production
  • Electrics/ Electronics
  • Pharmacy
  • Cable production
  • Solar engineering
  • Cosmetics

DIKO’s priority is the client. Our enterprise can develop through a series of new challenges we’ve been facing while fulfilling subsequent projects. We aim to improve production automation processes with the use of modern devices and solutions.

Why to choose our services?

  • We provide modern solutions that are up to date and make the production highly automated. We also assist in raising the quality control level with regard to finished products.
  • We rely on customised solutions – we know that every company is different, and this is why we do our best to make sure the production automation project is carefully adapted to the specific needs of the client.
  • Based on the ready project, we delivery machines that best correspond to the specific assumptions.
  • We assure comprehensive after-sale service, guaranteeing that our clients will not be left alone with potential difficulties.
  • We specialise in production and assembly systems as well as other machines that may be requested by our clients.

We have been rendering comprehensive services for 30 years. The quality of these services can satisfy the most demanding partners. We provide professional support to our business partners by satisfying needs of their cooperatives and recipients. In so doing we help them to build an image of the professional enterprise. Our priority is timeliness and reliability.


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