automaty montażowe

Assembly machines

We offer assembly machines with various properties and for diverse applications. We always design these machines in line with clients’ requirements and needs. Thanks to this, we can be sure that our assembly machines prove perfect in specific companies and substantially increase the production efficiency.

What is the assembly machine and what is it for ?

The assembly machine serves as a fully automated unmanned assembly station. Such a solution allows replacing a human worker in the post and improve the assembly procedure in terms of speed and security, retaining high precision and repeatability. Thanks to such machines, the quality control of the product and its particular components is fully automatic, so is confirmation of presence of components before they are assembled, and check of proper assembly with the use of sensors and vision system.

Where the assembly machines are most frequently used ?

The assembly machines are used in various manufacturing industries, such as automotive industry, food industry, household appliances businesses, pharmacy, electronics, construction industry, etc. . They can be responsible for such operations as twisting, compressing, riveting, welding, glue dosing, grease or silicone application, pressing and many other activities taken during assembly.

What makes DIKO’s assembly machines unique ?

The assembly machines made by DIKO are known for their top quality of manufacture, application of modern technologies as well as user-friendly and safe operation. . All of these features result from our 20-year experience in the industry as we can create machines that are perfectly suited to clients’ needs. Additionally, all our assembly machines are covered by 24-month guarantee and are subject to permanent servicing in this period.

The benefits of investing in assembly machines

The main benefit arising from investing in assembly machines is substantial reduction in the number of employees involved in the assembly procedure. Thanks to this, the production is much faster and less expensive. Besides the entire process is a way safer as employees do not take part in it physically but only supervise the machine and react when necessary. Such a product is also assembled in a more precise way when compared human work.




What are the details of cooperation ?

We prioritise professionalism and pleasant atmosphere in cooperating with our partners. Thanks to our long-lasting experience, we can provide our clients with top-class service and fully reliable machines.

The cooperation starts with the request for proposal, followed by the visit in the client’s premises. It is supposed to let us collect information required to help us to adapt the assembly machine to the clients’ and their companies’ needs and requirements. Based on this, a customised proposal is drawn up, every time negotiated with the client. Our goal is to draw up an agreement that will prove beneficial to both parties. Once the client has accepted the order, we proceed to design, assemble and program the machine. These operations are performed in regular cooperation with the client. Next we conduct a final test, that allows confirming whether the assembly machine is fully operational. If the test result is positive, we install the assembly machine in the client’s facility and then sign the machine takeover report.

Guarantee and assembly machine servicing

Using our services, you are provided not only with excellent machines but also fully professional service. They come together with a comprehensive 24-month guarantee covering assembly machines you have purchased from us, as well as an additional manufacturer’s guarantee for particular components.

All our clients may feel free to use a comprehensive servicing support. In response to any reports on failures, we react within 12 hours after communicating the problem, with special regard to availability, excluding bank holidays and assuming you have purchased the spare parts package. Thanks to this, in case of failures, you can expect a smooth intervention which will prevent the assembly procedure from being hindered and the failure from raising the production expenses.


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