We are committed to and engaged in every project, irrespective of its scale. The key to success is skilful management of tasks during fulfilment of machine and device construction. Therefore we have established a separate project management department formed of engineers experienced in constructing and manufacturing machines. Being in possession of suitable planning and tracking instruments, we are capable of controlling projects with high precision and instantly react in case of unexpected changes.



    The manufacture of our machines starts with creation of a schedule, usually in the form of a Gantta diagram. At this stage we specify all essential tasks, frequently divided into logical units (for example assembly line stations or stations forming the assembly machine). Every task is assigned a start date and duration as well as logical connections to make sure some tasks are not initiated too early.

    Every task is also assigned suitable resources – usually these are individuals performing a specific task or people responsible for fulfilment through a subordinate team.

    The project progress is reflected in the schedule at regular intervals. Outdated data are automatically illuminated to remind the competent supervisors about a need to update them. Additionally the schedule can be provided to the Ordering Party over the Internet so that he can access the status of his order or even add comments.


Working with the schedule is significant, yet cannot substitute the communication with the Purchaser of our product. The project management department employees keep in touch with the Client on a regular basis to obtain required data on time and to answer any questions, or explain potential issues. In this respect Open Issue List, an instrument, proves very effective as it allows smooth exchange of information between project leaders on the Client’s part.

When the product is finished, the management department employees arrange technical takeovers and and other operations aimed at concluding the project in a satisfying to both parties way.


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